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Based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the U.P.), with operations in Northeast Wisconsin, Courage Incorporated was founded in the Summer of 2015 by Nathan Denofre and Erik Conradson.


What we do:

Courage Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization focused on helping individuals and veterans with physical disabilities participate in outdoor activities.  We host excursions that are centered around camping, fishing, kayak/canoeing, and hiking.  We strive to provide these excursions free of charge for all of our participants. 


Our Back Story:

Nate, our founder, was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome which left him without legs below the knee.   Throughout his life Nate was told about all of the things he would never be able to do because of his condition.  Not being one to let other people determine his destiny, Nate spent his life overcoming obstacles and proving to everyone that ever told him he couldn’t do something that he could.

In his younger years, Nate was a member of the wrestling team, the high school football team, and he grew into an avid outdoorsman.  Nate started his own survival school and became a licensed wilderness guide.

Over the years, and after multiple surgeries, wear and tear on his body left him with degenerative spine narrowing in his back; this will eventually leave him with limited mobility and he'll likely be confined to a wheelchair.  Nate’s biggest fear was that he might not ever be able to enjoy the beautiful Upper Peninsula wilderness, the woods and the water, and the peace and serenity that it brought him.

In December 2014, Erik Conradson and some friends found out about Nate's worsening condition and they began a fundraising effort to help Nate pull off one last great outdoor excursion before he lost mobility – or “Nate’s Last Stand,” as it was referred to.  It was designed to provide Nate with an outdoor adventure experience that he would never forget.  Making the most out of the opportunity, Nate spent roughly 150 days and nights hiking the Huron Mountains, canoeing Lake Superior and the rivers that run into her, and camping across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  While Nate was out enjoying “his church,” over $4,200 had been raised on Nate’s behalf – so he decided to pay it forward.

Nate used a portion of the money raised for him, and together with Erik's help, founded Courage Incorporated.  He has dedicated himself to using the remainder of his mobility to help others enjoy outdoor adventures that they once thought were impossible.  He wants to inspire others who have physical disabilities and help them see what they ARE capable of.  Through Courage Incorporated, individuals and veterans with physical disabilities will have the chance to participate in outdoor excursions that might not have otherwise been possible for them.